5 Reasons Family Vacation is Awesome

5 reasons family vacation is awesomeMr. Grassroofs and I recently got back from a family trip to Cape Cod with my side of the family.  Super Fitz went with us- have you read about his adventures?  But so did my mom, brother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, two cousins, another aunt, and a second cousin.  Phew! It was a lot of people to coordinate- getting out the door was always a multi-step process.  But we had a fantastic time and I wouldn’t give up family vacations for the world (of course, I do think they should part of a well-balanced travel diet).

Here are five reasons why my family vacations are so great:

1. You go to places you’d never think to go-

5 reasons family vacation is awesome

Mr. G and I probably wouldn’t have chosen to travel to Cape Cod if we were traveling alone.  As two young people with no children, we are always attracted to international travel.  Remember the honeymoon/funnymoon?  So, we would have written Cape Cod off and maybe never have gotten there in our whole lives! We are so glad we ended up there, though, because Cape Cod was awesome!  We loved noticing the similarities each small town had to our little beach community, while appreciating the nuanced differences too. We went lighthousing. We went wine tasting.  We went beer tasting.  And kayaking. And ate ice cream almost every day. So, basically, a hundred awesome things that we would have missed if we hadn’t gone on family vacation.

5 reasons family vacation is awesome

2. But you still get time to be normal-

5 reasons family vacation is awesome

I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes I fall into the trap of feeling like I always need to be going, to be doing something.  Otherwise I feel as though I’m not doing my destination justice, as though I may never be back so I better drink it all in.  Family vacation is a good reminder that there is as much beauty in doing nothing as there is in doing something.  Some of the greatest moments of week came from sitting around the dinner table watching a cousin douse his food in Mr. G’s white barbecue sauce or listening to my bro groan over a lost life in Call of Modern Duty Fare.

5 reasons family vacation is awesome

3. You get time to appreciate one another-

5 reasons family vacation is awesome

During the Rat Race that is 9 to 5 life, keeping all the plates spinning can get tricky.  Two jobs. Ducks. Chickens. Renters. Dogs. Friends. Husbands. Blogs. Oh yeah, and family.  Not that it is right, (and is certainly something I’m working on) but keeping in touch with far away loved ones can accidentally fall to the bottom of the to-do list.  Then, when we do speak, we are trying to make up for so much time that the chat ends up sounding more like a reading of a dossier than like a real conversation. Family vacation is great because if removes so many of those spinning plates.  My brother and I aren’t particularly good at talking on the phone, so I was thrilled to spend the week with him.  He is kind and patient and is a just-plain awesome SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL!  When did that even happen?! Okay, freak out over.

5 reasons family vacation is awesome

4. You may get different amenities-

5 reasons family vacation is awesome

I know this one sounds strange, but go with me.  Because there were so many people traveling to Cape Cod, we ended up renting a house which helped alleviate the cost of booking hotel rooms for 11 people for 7 nights. Plus, the addition of a kitchen cut down on the cost of meals we had to eat out.  The house was beautiful, of course- colonial and historic and decorated with blue tinted Mason jars. If Mr. G and I had been traveling alone, we would have stayed in a hotel and wouldn’t have had access to laundry facilities. Can I just say that it is lovely to travel home with a suit case of clean clothes.  But the biggest, best, most fantastic amenity that arose from renting a house instead of a hotel room is that we could bring SUPER FITZ!  It was simply perfect being on vacation with our pup and our family.


5. Your Good-Byes are sweeter-

5 reasons family vacation is awesome

When you’re visiting a place, leaving the place can be a little sad. I am sometimes left with that feeling I mentioned before of not feeling like I did enough to appreciate that place or that I may never make it back.  But when you are traveling with family, the location is secondary to the company, so the good-byes are different.  If you have to say good-bye to family that you won’t see again for a while, for whatever reason, what a gift it is to have spent so much time celebrating with them.  All of my extended family lives across the country, so I’m really glad that when we had to say our good-byes I had a whole week’s arsenal of fantastic memories shored up to take home too.



The World According to Fitz: Super Fitz in Cape Cod

Dog Diaries: Fitz in Cape Cod

Oh hey!  The humans let me write again. Well, sort of.  I don’t have thumbs.  I wish I had thumbs.  Thumbs seem awesome.


Speaking of awesome. FRISBEE!  This frisbee is awesome! See it?  It is red and rubber and you can bite it. Dog Diaries: Fitz in Cape Cod

After we took the groaning metal people-and-animal mover for a gazilllllion hours, we got to this place with a yard. I soon came to realize that in this new yard I had to protect my frisbee.  The humans kept trying to grab it! You can’t trust humans.

Just kidding, I love humans. Dog Diaries: Fitz in Cape Cod

I loved being in this place with the new yard; I think they called it Cape Cod. I loved it because there were lots of new humans to play with.  The girl human was related to them all some how.  Like they were from her old pack or something. It was very confusing.

Sometimes the new humans would get my frisbee.  Which unleashed….

Dog Diaries: Fitz in Cape Cod


Faster than a speeding bullet.

Stronger than a lion.

Cleverer than a…clever thing.Dog Diaries: Fitz in Cape Cod

I mean, seriously, look at those ninja moves! HI-YAH!

Dog Diaries: Fitz in Cape Cod

And always, despite the human’s best efforts, peace and balance were restored to the new yard; I recovered the frisbee and sat down to protect it again.Dog Diaries: Fitz in Cape Cod

Watch out, humans, Super Fitz is not gone.  He’s merely lying in wait until his frisbee needs him next.Dog Diaries: Fitz in Cape Cod


Side bar: Do you know how fun it is to chase rocks that have been thrown into the ocean?! You should try it.