Since You’ve Been Gone

Hi Readers! Phew, I’ve certainly had a long absence from the inter webs this year.  Sorry for that!  The 2014-2015 school year really gave me a run for my money.  I worked three jobs throughout the school year and then resigned from my post in June. More on those topics another time.  Yet, even though things were so incredibly busy, like “that girl is so annoying, all she does is talk about how busy she is” kind of busy, the year was still filled with so many great moments.

Let’s get reacquainted with one another while I share this happy moment with you!  My friend Jayme asked me to be take photos at the birth of her first child.  Her perfect daughter Olivia Ruth.

birth photography

At first, I was a little skeeved out.  I mean, you want me to take pictures of…that?  Isn’t it going to be sort of gross?  I didn’t feel like I had any skills to accomplish this mission, but like you do when a friends asks for your help, I said yes.  Then I got busy Pinteresting and asking my husband for tutorials.  (Mr. Grassroofs is a much better photographer than me).

baby 16b

When I got the hospital, you’ll never guess what I forgot.  Did you guess “Camera”?  Because that’s the right answer.  That’s right, I forgot the camera in all my anxiousness to get to the hospital.  Guys, I had one job! What the $%^&?!  Luckily Mr. Grassroofs is a saint and so he drove the camera to the hospital.  I know Jayme wasn’t thrilled to have labored so long, but I secretly was very grateful!
baby 17When I finally went into the delivery room, I was really surprised at how relaxing the whole environment was.  I had expected harsh lights and men in masks shouting “PUSH”.  Instead, the room as dimly lit with low level lighting, soft music was playing, and everybody was filled with positive support for Jayme and the almost-ready-for-the-world baby. Photography became easy because everybody was just smiley and tender and sweet.

baby 18

In the interest of full disclosure (because who would I be without that), there was harsh lighting and men in masks there at the very end.  And there was gross stuff at the very very end.  But by that time we were all so distracted by this new little gal.  So many tears of joy, most of them mine I’m sure. I tried not to gross cry, but I can’t promise I didn’t. baby 20

Jaime gave birth to this precious, perfect, tiny footed, melon head.  She was such  badass.  I mean seriously, delivering a baby?! How f*^&ing amazing can you get?

baby 22And look at this baby, who is ready to turn the world upside down by filling it with goodness and a little sassiness too. I mean, com’on!

baby 23