Fall Flowers

Oh man! It is fall.  Lots of people love fall because of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and boots with scarves and vests. Some love it for the hay bales and jack-o-lanterns.  Others for the apple butter and plaid blankets.

I love those things too.  I sure do.  But I also love fall for another reason.

fall flowers 3

I just love fall flowers.  They push their way up toward the sun for one last bloom before settling in for a long winter’s night.fall Flowers 2

I love the attitude of my fall flowers.  There are only one or two, but mostly one, of them at a time.  And I respect their I’m-doing-this-because-it-is-beautiful-and-right-so-there approach to the world.  You bloom, flowers!fall flowers 4

Some of our fall lovelies have popped up in the strangest of places.  Places we didn’t even know we had flowers planted. They just popped up, all full of look at me, I only need water and sun to be awesome.fall flowers1PS- does anybody know what that flower is (above)?



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