A Good Old Fashioned Barn Raising

For those of you who have been following our career for a while, you’ll understand how much of an accomplishment Mr. Grassroofs and I are celebrating.  For those of you who don’t, here’s a little back story: When we bought our little homestead about 2 1/2 years ago we were drunk off the “potential” of the place.  We knew it was going to need some renovations, but we thought it was worth it for the character of the place.  Then we moved in…and everything got awful.  We learned that our task was so much bigger than originally planned that we pulled back into one of our “houses” and left everything else untouched because we just couldn’t tackle it.Great Guest House Renovations

One of the “potential”-s we saw when we first bought the place, was to fancy up the in-law’s quarters in the back of our property to rent out.  We loved that it was built into an old barn and just had a rustic atmosphere in general.

Well, that potential is finally becoming realized.  Two of our mostly lovely friends approached us about it a few months ago.  Mr. G and I talked it over and decided that this would be the push we needed to accomplish this dream.

Great Guest House Renovations

So we got in there and had a good old fashioned barn raising.  The friends came and helped us demo this staunch, hardy “cabinet”.  I began work on laying laminate flooring, which I affectionately referred to as puzzle time.Great Guest House Renovations

Mr. Grassroofs and our two friends, Neal and Wes, were fantastic during the whole experience.  Neal used humor to ease all the tedium of say…not having square walls or level floors. And Wes never faulted us for our negligence at some things and complete lack of knowledge at others. Great Guest House Renovations

But at the end of the day and then two more weeks, the place was repainted.  It had an AC unit.Great Guest House Renovations

We had put in laminate floors that beautifully masqueraded as real wood. We had installed new cabinets with a natural unfinished look.Great Guest House Renovations

We even put counter tops on those cabinets- I know, blows your mind!  We had installed new dry wall in several places.Great Guest House Renovations

Our wonderful construction dogs helped to hang new base boards.  Just kidding, they mostly sat around with tongues hanging out. Great Guest House Renovations

And by the end of it all, we were so pleased to call the place a real home.Great Guest House RenovationsDont get us wrong- we still have to finish the great room and install new doors and paint a handful of things.  But let’s not talk about that right now.  Let’s sit back, crack open a beer and celebrate the beauty of accomplishing a major goal!

guest house reno final

I love you readers, and would love to hear about things you’ve accomplished that you never thought you would.

guest house reno final



4 thoughts on “A Good Old Fashioned Barn Raising

  1. WOW! You have really made great progress since we saw it ten days ago. It looks like your renters will soon have a place to move into. Super!

    In our 59 years of marriage we have done a few do it yourself project, but nothing like this.

    Love, Mom-C


  2. I am truly impressed and know you must be so proud and happy! Your new guest quarters/apartment looks amazing and will make a good home for friends until it becomes a real “mother-in-law” quarters in the future! I don’t think the dogs were just sitting around, I think they were worn out from cheering you on!


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