Great Big Family Weekend, Plus a Tutorial

This past weekend was great big fun. Mr. Grassroofs’ family came down from the Raleigh area to see him as the wonderfully, childish Jack The Giant Killer. They loved him and we loved having so much family around and the dogs loved all the attention.

Family weekend 1 One of these beloved family members had recently had a birthday. So, I took advantage of some of my favorite farmers market connections. Jodi, of Hot Pink Cake Stand, made the most delicious and beautiful custom cake for Carolyn. The cake itself was Lavender and Honey, topped with a dense and delightful Bourbon Vanilla frosting. And…I’m decently sure she made each of those flowers by hand. Handmade flowers!

At Jodi’s place, they serve cupcakes and wine all the time. They do monthly pairings. The place is doggone cute! Family Weekend 2 Bolstered by all the love in the room, I decided to try a craft that I’d seen around the Pin-o-sphere. I painted these beer bottles we had around- three were painted white and three the teal color shown in the picture.

I’ve seen this project done with twine, but as I didn’t have any, I used yarn. I wrapped the yarn tightly around the bottle, glueing with hot glue periodically. Repurposed Beer Bottle Vases The two shown in the picture are my first two attempts. They got better as I made more, as things like that tend to do. The bottle on the left was wrapped from top to bottom, while the one on the right was wrapped from bottom to top. I DEFINITELY recommend going from top to bottom. The wrapping is easier, faster and more consistent; you also use less glue which leaves a more polished, less “arts and crafts” feel. Repurposed Beer Bottle Vases

So basically, the weekend was a huge success, but now I want to know what unusual flavors of cakes have you had recently? What would you put in a case made of a repurposed beer bottle?


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