Mr. Grassroofs Monday: The New Fashioned

I recently finished performing in a run of “Into the Woods.” As you do with most shows, when you are in the dressing room talk about what comes next and/or what should be turned into a musical. If anyone has 50 grand lying around so I can take a year off and turn “The Princess Bride” into the next great musical to run on Broadway, please let me know. Well, that’s another story. Anyway, I was talking with Lisa one night before mic check about food blogging. In her story about the derivation of her blog’s name, it hit me. The next great musical; a spoof of the beloved Les Mis: Il Mozz featuring:

  • Parmesan Val Jean, a disgraced wine maker turned pizza chef
  • Insalata Javerte, a bad guy
  • Eponini, the local gossip
  • Frutti de Mar-ius, pizza delivery boy
  • Fantina, Former hostess
  • Gravlox , a mixed up Scandinavian kid

An upscale version of the old fashioned

I know, it’s a work in process, but I will be sure to let you all know when I finish writing the book. Regardless, in honor of great Italian flavors, this week I present the New Fashioned. This quirky take on my favorite cocktail brings the depth and sweetness of Amaretto into the fold.

The New Fashioned

  1. Place two sugar cubes (or a half teaspoon of your sugar of choice) in the glass of your choosing.
  2. Next up, add 3 shakes of bitters and 1 oz. of Amaretto and let this mixture break down the sugar cubes.
  3. Rotate the glass so this coats the sides.
  4. Add your ice. I am still thankful for my spherical ice mold;  but if you don’t have one, try to use the fewest, largest pieces you can find.
  5. Pour in 2 oz. of your bourbon of choice (I use Bulleit). Some people would stop here and add a garnish of orange peel. I get that, but I like mine a lighter so I add a splash of San Pellegrino (club soda is fine, but I find the intense carbonation interferes with the enjoyment of the flavors). Don’t forget the orange peel; give it a good pinch as you drop it in. Maraschino Cherry is out for this one.

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