Nearly Delicious, Lemon Sugar Scrub


Do you ever fall prey to Pinterest?  Scrolling and pinning, scrolling and pinning.  My grandmother used to say that my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and when it come to Pinterest, I am absolutely guilty of pinning projects I may never do and then forgetting that I ever pinned them in the first place.

But the farmer’s market has been a great catalyst for me to “clean up” my profile.  I’ve been actually doing the projects I’ve pinned, and so I’m basically a super hero.  I’ll post the cape tutorial next week.

Relaxing Lemon, Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub was one of the first to be tackled.  Can you tell I did this outside?  I wanted to light to be better for photos.  Did it work?

The sugar scrub is perfect for after gardening or a day at the beach, plus it smells delightful!

Relaxing Lemon, Sugar Scrub

First, melt 1/2 cup of coconut oil into a mason jar (I suppose you could use something else, but who doesn’t love mason jars?!). Add three drops of Vitamin E oil for moisturizing magic, three more of the essential oil of your choice, and three more of yellow food coloring.

You can vary the amounts and types of amendments based on your preference. Skip the food coloring, change the scent, etc.

Relaxing Lemon, Sugar Scrub

Then mix the contents with a cup and a half of sugar.  You should get a lovely little sugar scrub consistency.  Try not to eat it!

I found that this proportion made 4 tiny jars worth of sugar scrub, and they were a big hit at the market.

Adapted from the lovely writers at Loves Grows Wild.



3 thoughts on “Nearly Delicious, Lemon Sugar Scrub

  1. This is a great Tutorial! I might have to try this at Christmas this year – I’m planning to make as many gifts as possible and this would be perfect!


    • Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad you found the tutorial helpful! I will definitely be using this for Christmas gifts. I bet you could color the scrub green and use peppermint, instead. Maybe even add a jovial little red ribbon to the top…


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