Simple DIY Butter

Let’s make a list.  A list of all the things made more delicious by butter.  It is a long list:

  1. corn bread
  2. cheese cake crust
  3. veggies
  4. steak
  5. other stuff

DIY, homemade butter recipe

So, basically, butter makes lots of things great! Mr. Grassroofs and I have a long term goal of not relying on butter in the future.  We both agree that we do feel better during Whole 30, and we attribute much of that to lack of dairy.

However, in the meantime, we make our own butter so that we can control the quality of the ingredients.  We like getting local cream from the farmers market.  Knowing the milk only came from one cow, knowing the quality of life the cow has, and knowing the farmer are all selling points for us.

It is so easy to make butter once you have the cream.  You can make it salted or unsalted depending on your preference.

Now, drop a marble in a mason jar.  Fill it half way with heavy whipping cream (add half a teaspoon of salt if you want salted butter).  Screw the lid on tight.  Shake the mess out of it!

DIY, homemade butter recipe

When you’ve been shaking for a while, the cream will  get airy and start to fill the rest of the of the container.

DIY, homemade butter recipe

At a certain point, the cream will have the consistency of whipped cream.  We often stop here and infuse the whipped cream with brown sugar or jam or liqueur for a delicious dessert.  But when making butter, just keep shaking.

DIY, homemade butter recipe

After about ten minutes, you’ll see that the cream starts to become a solid, You’re in the home stretch now! Keep shaking!

DIY, homemade butter recipe

As you continue to shake, the solid form will separate from the liquid.  The liquid is, you guessed it, butter milk.  You could save it for baking, drink it, or just pour it out.

DIY, homemade butter recipe

You need to keep shaking until the shaking doesn’t yield anymore buttermilk.  When your shaking just leaves you with the same old butter, then you know you can stop.

DIY, homemade butter recipe

Some homesteaders rinse their butter before packing it away.  If you want to do so, this is the time.  Mr. Grassroofs and I don’t rinse ours and we’ve never had any taste or sanitation problems.

DIY, homemade butter recipe

The contraption pictured above is called a butter bell.  We got one for our wedding and absolutely love it.  You fill the larger cup with a bit of water, slide the butter (in the bell) down into the cup and then the whole thing can live at room temperature on your counter.  Bonus: it is very cute!

Do you have a different way of making homemade butter?


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