Mr. Grassroofs Monday: Old Fashioned

So…This intimidating. Staring at this blank page like a performer in a giant empty hall. Lots of echoes in a seemingly undefinable space. Of course, this is just a blog about the stuff I (and hopefully you) create in the kitchen or bar; way less pressure.


That being said, let’s get going. I think Dwight Schrutte was on to something with his fascination in Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica (although it’s Jim who actually says that phrase). As you cook or mix along with me you will realize my culinary life focuses on three things: Bourbon, Bacon, BBQ. I should clarify that this is BBQ in the Aussie sense of grill (You may know the overly-commodified phrase “shrimp on the barbee”).

No better place to start than THE classic cocktail: The Old Fashioned. I haven’t found the finer points of Nick’s recipe from New Girl so here’s mine:

2 sugar cubes
Bitters (I like Peychauds when I can find it)
3 oz. Bourbon (if you’d like me to hawk your brand…I’m open to that for a fee)
Club Soda (San Peligrino is also a neat, more settled and less distracting option)
Orange and/or Cherry

The Build: place two sugar cubes on the bottom of a glass that makes you feel fancy/refined/ cultured and splash with bitters (I like 4 generous shakes, but start small). Let the bitters break the cubes down. Add a splash of club soda and rotate in the glass until the syrupy goodness coats the side of the glass. Now add your ice, a single sphere or giant cube when possible. Top with Bourbon (my go to: Bulleit (10 year when affordable)) and then club soda. Finally squeeze an orange slice, drop it in and give it a quick stir….víola.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Grassroofs Monday: Old Fashioned

  1. This might be a dumb question, but how do you make sugar cubes? Drinking this cocktail would definitely make me feel fancy and refined and I love the “New Girl” reference!


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