$1.50 Upcycled Purse Tutorial

Mr. Grassroofs and I keep ducks and chickens- you may have read about them.  With eight chickens and six ducks, despite their free range nature, we go through quite a bit of commercial food. But no need to throw those feed sacks right in the trash can! Luckily I’m pretty handy with a sewing machine, so I whipped up these coin purses.  And you can to!

$1.50 Feed Sack Purse Tutorial

The first step is to get zippers.  I found mine at Walmart.  I try never to go to Walmart, but they are the only supplier of…many things in our tiny beach town.  But the double fluorescents and expansive selection revealed 7 inch zippers that were only $1.50.  I nabbed 6, because I knew I’d be selling them at the Farmer’s Market$1.50 Feed Sack Purse Tutorial

Next, cut rectangles that are the same length as the zipper and your desired depth.  My zippers were about 9 inches long (7 inches of usable zipper and nearly two inches of buffer).  So I cut rectangles that were 9 inches by 6 inches- I knew that would give me a purse that was long enough for bills and deep enough for credit cards, which is about all I was after.  You can, of course, adjust the dimensions to suit your awesome intentions.$1.50 Feed Sack Purse Tutorial

Then, sew one rectangle to each side of the zipper.  Using a zipper foot is the ideal scenario, but you could make it work with a regular sewing foot.

Feed Sack 5

After that, I added an additonal stitch on each side to hold down my seam allowance.  You cold opt to snip it close to the stitch line if you were really averse to sewing again.

Fold the purse so that it is inside out, but is the same shape as the finished purse will be. (Apologies for not having a picture; I got a little trigger happy with the delete button- whoops!).

Sew the two short sides, ensuring you go back over the zipper tails to really hold them in place.

UNZIP THE ZIPPER before sewing the remaining long side.  I cannot stress enough that unzipping the zipper before continuing will make your life sooooooo much easier in the long run.  Take it from somebody who had to eeek open several purses that had been sewn shut!

Feed Sack 6

Flip your little guy right-side-out and straighten all the seams out.  Just like that, you’re done!  These are totally easy and take about 5 minutes each to make.Feed Sack 7Let me know how it goes when you try it out!  What other repurposes could there be for an empty feed sack?



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