Predator Cams

This is a post to celebrate Mr. Grassroofs.  He really is an incredible man.  He indulges almost my every whim. Very nearly 100% of them.  Whimsy is what brought us to be chicken and duck owners. And though Mr. G doesn’t find the little boogers nearly as fascinating as I do, when we lost our flock to a predator in late April, he was determined to find out what vicious killer had done the deed.

What he found was indescribable.  Indescribable, but I will try…

A strange predator

He set up the predator cam  in the evening.  You can see above our great tree house and pretty messy tool shed area.  We aren’t a very tidy people, the Pattons. But we have other good qualities that make us lovable.  For instance, I’m really good at eating cookies.

When he came back the next day from a big formal meeting, we found this picture stored on the chip.

A strange predator

I knew it!  I knew that a broad fox, dressed as a bi-pedal man in a striped shirt was after our chickens.  I mean, I really knew that a cross-species dressing coyote had ill will toward my pipsqueak hens but also wanted to be sure to express his professionality.

Thank goodness Mr. G is so indulgent.  Otherwise, he may not appreciate this teasing.




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