Easy One Step Slug Remedy

Have you planted a beautiful garden this season?  Do you check it diligently to ensure the soil remains moist? Did you shoo every stinking bird away until your seed germinated?


DIY Natural Slug Remedy

I carefully planted and tended this spring.  I reveled in the peace I felt as I drew lines in the sandy soil and set seeds in every inch, every six inches, every foot.  When tiny sprouts came up I felt a swell of pride that surely must rival that of bearing a child.

DIY Natural Slug Remedy

Yet, one morning I walked out to my work of art and who should be enjoying the fruits of my labors?  Slugs.  Small, slimy, and so very greedy. Those little guys were absolutely not going to ruin our food prospects for the summer!

DIY Natural Slug Remedy

So I bought a handful of strawberry shortcake tins.  I dug them down a bit so they’d be flush with the soil.  And then I filled each of them with beer.

DIY Natural Slug Remedy

Slugs are gigantic lushes.  They just can’t help themselves from taking advantage of the tasty sweetness of a brewski.  Slugs and I have more in common that I realized.

And just like that, I saved my garden and allowed my pesky friends to die while their dreams came true!


One thought on “Easy One Step Slug Remedy

  1. As long as you only have drunken slugs around your yard, that’s great. So glad you knew about the good old way to get rid of the slugs.

    Love, Mom-C


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