Best to do in Cali: Ghirardelli

Are you tired of hearing about the food that Mr. Grassroofs and I ate in California?  Well, if you are, this is not the post for you. After we ate our way through the Ferry Terminal, we worked our way over to Ghirardelli Square.  During your visit to San Francisco, it is worth stopping there for a sundae and a cup of coffee (not drip coffee this time).Image

Before going, I had childhood memories of a factory tour where Oompa Loompas lead you through a tunnel magically lit with rainbows and glitter.  Okay, maybe not the part about the glitter.  But definitely the rainbows.  Seriously, I did remember there being a guided tour.


There is no guided tour, and probably never was.  However, the old fashioned soda shoppe has a full set of machinery in the back.  Things grind and churn and stir and roll.Image

The atmosphere of old advertisements on tin, parlor chairs, and striped barber poles just makes you want to don a poodle skirt and saddle shoes.  The restaurant serves a zillion (approximately) different sundaes, but I enjoyed simple vanilla with chocolate sauce.  Ghirardelli is known for the chocolate after all.


If you are very polite, a lovely man in a silly hat may take your picture and sing Sweet Caroline to you.  This happened to us and we loved every minute of it.


Mr. Grassroofs found the experience finger-lickin’ good.Image


3 thoughts on “Best to do in Cali: Ghirardelli

  1. That ring looks so good on you, Mr. GRs! We’re moving to Bahsten next week. You 2 let me know when you’re ready to come up North and do the seafood tour!


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