Best To Do in Cali: Ferry Terminal

Mr. Grassroofs and I love to eat.  Like, seriously.  People write sitcoms about eaters like us.  So this next post is dedicated to our best day in San Francisco.  We ate our way through an entire building, and here’s how we recommend you do it!

Ferry Terminal Title

    1. Get a Chili Dog from Panther Ranch Meat Company– I know, I know. A chili dog? In this veritable treasure trove of deliciosity?! Well, you’re pacing yourself, and this is only the first stop- remember this a marathon, not a sprint. While you wait, read all the great literature they have about their happy cows who led healthy lives not too far from where you are standing.Ferry Terminal 8
    2. Get a Meat Cone from Boccalone– notable for their “Tasty Salted Pig Parts” this little gem serves a variety of…you guessed it, salted meat.  They sell loads of perfect salami sandwiches and prosciutto panini, but this paleo duo just wanted meat in a cup. That’s what we got and we loved every second of it.Ferry Terminal 6
    3. By now you’re probably relatively full…or at least satisfied.  So take some time to look at all of the homemade goods, revel in the textures.  Talk to the people who are so happy to share their craft with you.  Read tags that show you which rural towns all over the world will be benefited by your purchase.Ferry Terminal 5Ferry Terminal 4Ferry Terminal 3
    4. Make your way over to Cowgirl Creamery to check out a cheese plate, complete with local cheeses, almonds, and pears.  Enjoy even more happy cow literature and the wooded, rustic feel of the whole place.  They also make a great Arnold Palmer!Ferry Terminal 7
    5. Top off your visit to the Ferry Terminal with a visit to Blue Bottle Coffee. I got another drip coffee- you can’t believe how much I enjoyed having somebody prepare my coffee only at the moment when I ordered it.  Or you can be like Mr. Grassroofs and order an espresso with milk (cappuccino? cafe au lait? I can’t remember).  The team of baristas will make sure it looks too good to drink.
Ferry Building 1
  1. Being summarily satisfied, we suggest you take a nearby trolley to the end of the piers and walk back- reflecting on your post-eatery bliss all the while.  Ferry Terminal 2

4 thoughts on “Best To Do in Cali: Ferry Terminal

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  3. Have you guys ever been to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia? This Ferry Terminal reminds me of it very much. The Reading Terminal would seem to me a bit less…….uhhhhhh…clean? It’s not unsanitary by any means, but it’s a bit more rustic, if you can be rustic underneath Center City Philly. It’s full of the most wonderful and strange foods imaginable, and has a rather large helping of Amish folks as well. Great place if you;ve not been, you need to give it a look sometime 🙂


    • I’ve have been there when I was a foolish high schooler with no framework for appreciating delicious food. 🙂 But I would love to go back. Perhaps I can talk Mr. Grassroofs into a cross-country tour of terminal building that are now food outfits. Do you think he’ll go for it?


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