Best To-Do in Cali: Napa

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Phew!  It has been a while since I blogged.  Things have been so busy recently, good busy.  But busy nonetheless.


Mr. Grassroofs and I recently went to California for Spring Break.  We had a wonderful time and spent much of the time crafting a plot to move out there. You’ll have to keep watching the blog to see if any of our big plans come to fruition.  The upcoming series of entries will give you a list of must-dos if you ever visit Northern California.


Your first stop should be Napa. We stopped at William Hill Estates and thoroughly enjoyed their tasting and audio tour.


Napa is filled with rolling hills, farm-to-table restaurants, and wine.  So much delicious wine.


Did I mention the farm-to-table restaurants.  Mr. Grassroofs and I went to a place called Farmstead.  It was all decor-ed with burlap and lace and mason jars and responsibly sourced food.  We ate the most succulent cheesecake (short of my Momma’s, of course) and Mr. Grassroofs even had local Bourbon…or was is whiskey?  I can never remember with the brown liquors.


So, if you ever visit Northern Cal, don’t miss Napa. Readers, if you’ve been there, what do you put on the Must-Do list?


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