A Tuesday Duckling Round-Up

Okay, so remember when I posted about our new chickens?  I asked you, dear readers, to help us name them.  We got lots of great suggestions- for which we are wildly grateful.

We only have one problem here at the beach homestead. We have more birds to name.

These are 6 lovely, fantastic, wonderful, cute, adorable, highly intelligent Pekin ducks.  Well, maybe not highly intelligent.  But they are enjoyable.

And look how cute they are!

Look, I taught them to swim!  Lucky they had me to show them how to do what they are designed to do. I mean, without me they would have been relegated to walking everywhere they wanted to go!  And they may never have eaten the mosquito larvae I intended for them.

Those ducks are so lucky.

So let’s name them! (Again, not individually- but let’s throw out 6 author names to be applied to the group of sweet ducklings)

Also, here are some wonderful websites that helped us to get started with ducks:

  1. HGTV Gardens
  2. Fresh Eggs Daily- Basic Duckling Care
  3. Organic Gardening- 4 Reasons to Get Ducks



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