The World According to Fitz


This is the World, According to Fitz


OhmanOhmanOhman!  The humans are letting me blog today!  Blog. blog. blog.  Sounds like ball.  I want a ball.

Oh yeah, speaking of balls, I got to chase all the balls when the humans took me to the beach.  We played ball for hours.  They are the best humans because they just kept throwing the ball.  I love the ball.  I wish it would reciprocate.

WAtF Collage 5

The girl human let me do my favorite trick.  Look at how patiently I was waiting.  I was.  I really was.  But then I couldn’t wait any longer.  I couldn’t.  I really couldn’t.  So I jumped. The girl human gave me the treat!!  I love the girl human!  I love the treat!

Speaking of love, I love the big dogs.  The big dogs came to the beach.  They were so fast.  Girl Human told me to play with the human child, but I just wanted to ru…

Hey Guys! Wait up!

WAtF Collage 2

Finally, the big dogs were nice and tired.  So I could focus my attention on the humans.  My humans have beautiful human friends.  They smell good and they eat chicken.

Kid human, can I have that chicken? Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase.  No really.  Can I?
WAtF collage 3

After the child human neglected to feed me his lunch, I went for a swim.  I love water.  I love fish.  I love salt. I love splashing.  I love swimming.  Well, wait, I don’t love all those things.  I…I…I love jumping.  Yeah, that’s right.  I love jumping in and out of the water
WAtF Collage 4

Beach days with the humans are the best days. I love.


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