4 Steps to a Rad Wedding

4 steps to a rad wedding

Have you been to a wedding? Chances are you’re nodding your head, and probably scoffing a little bit at the mere suggestion you hadn’t. Well, before our own wedding, Mr. Grassroofs and I weren’t very seasoned wedding-goers- each of us having only been to a couple in our lives.  This shameful deficit of wedding attendance made for a big job when tackling the exciting yet terrifying monster that was our own wedding.

We read and crafted and saved and emailed and crafted and signed and crafted and begged and crafted.  We glued and crafted and folded and crafted.  We worked and crafted.  There was a lot of crafting that needed to be done over the course of the year preceding our wedding.  And of course, when the big day finally arrived, we were so grateful for the crafting.  We can’t say for certain that our guests enjoyed themselves, but we have it on good authority that they did.  Mr. Grassroofs and I had a great time; we were so happy to be married and so proud of the work that we did.

As time as has passed since our wedding, I’ve had this fear that I’d never be able to attend another wedding without getting a tad…judgy.  Hey, I’m working on it! But I’d be lying if I said I never got judgy. Right after we got Huxley, I feared I’d never be able to have another dog because I just loved that guy so freaking much.  Luckily, just as Fitz proved me wrong on the dog front, a college friend proved me wrong on the wedding front.

Step 1: Get a great venue

Katie and Matt were married on this beautiful farm.  It was a teensy bit rainy, but that only served to add to the ambience. The backdrop was beautiful in it is own right, so Katie and Matt made the perfect choice not to add too much to the ceremony location.  I love the simple lanterns and plants flanking either side and the arbor.  Their ceremony was augmented by an immensely talented bluegrass/americana group who reminded us that a Mason jar filled with moonshine and a good flannel shirt are all anybody needs to be happy.

After the ceremony, we made our way down this lantern-lit path to a  wonderful barn- a barn that was maybe never actually used for keeping animals.

Step 2: Pretty up the entrance

The burlap curtains and all the natural textures at the entrance to the reception venue were perfect.  We felt so at ease and comfortable. The two of them did a fantastic job of continuing those textures throughout the whole reception.

Step 3: Make the tables lovely

The tables were also a perfect.  There was no need for chargers and loads of silverware.  We loved the high contrast between the plates and the color palate of the rest of the table.  The center pieces were wood discs with a variety of differently sized mason jars on top.  Some of the jars held floating candles, some baby’s breath.  Some of the jars were adorned with wire lantern hangers and some were tied with hemp.  We especially thought the variety of colors in the floating candles was a nice touch. My absolute favorite touch was the table numbers.  They sat atop tiny wood discs.  The numbers had been “modge-podged” with quilty, country fabrics.

Step 4: Be perfectly and Incandescently happy


In the end though, the pure and complete happiness of the couple and the guests are what made the whole thing so utterly enjoyable.  Katie and Matt are a beautiful couple with hilarious friends!  If their wedding is any indication of their marriage, they’re destined for Happily Ever After.


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