Married: Filing Jointly…a Candle Catastrophe

Today Mr. Grassroofs and I went to our Credit Union to have our taxes filed.  Our credit union is cool and they do things like that. They also give you free Ray Ban’s just for coming in.  Well, that part isn’t true; but I wish it were.

I had gone in yesterday to file my own and one of the lovely representatives said something I had never thought of: It is going to be better to file jointly.  Chick-flick montage music started playing in my head and I found there to be something beautiful about that sentiment.  Like, not only are we in this emotionally together.  Not only do we train our dogs together or eat the same dinners.  But now, your mortgage interest is my mortgage interest.  Now your tuition credit is my tuition credit. Your mutual funds are my mutual fund contributions.

Romantic, huh? I know it doesn’t sound that way, but there really is something sort of beautiful about it.

So naturally, I came home to make candles.  Catastrophe ensued.



I got a box from Amazon and made my “!!!!!!” face.

I immediately set to work clearing out old containers for new candles.

Empty Candle Containers

After clearing out all the old jars, I threaded some wicks.


Wicks are easy to thread. Plus, the combination of wick tabs and wick thread is way cheaper than buying the pre-done ones.

Threaded Wick TabsEverything seemed normal as I began to melt some wax in my usual mason jar double boiler.  I was especially glad that the 20 pound of soy wax had arrived already flaked because it melted so quickly.

Mason Jar Double BoilerThe wax had melted and I grabbed the jar to pour everything out into a nice gooey candle.  When all of a sudden…SQLOOSH. All the wax ran out of the jar and into the larger pot.  Through a stream of curse words, I was able to think “How did that even happen?!”

Candle Catastrophe

It turns out that the bottom of my Mason Jar had just broken off and was awaiting removal at the bottom of the pot.  It broke off.  What?!

Candle Catastrophe

I didn’t know exactly what to do, and Mr. Grassroofs was no help, so I just poured the waxy water  into the containers. I figured: that was my previous plan, so I may as well continue with it.

Candle Catastrophe

The result:  This delightfully double layered candle that doesn’t burn quite right.  Mr. Grassroofs laughed.  What am I going to do with him?  He’s lucky we are married- filing jointly.





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