Beef Tallow and Chicken Runs

 Mr. Grassroofs and I had a busy weekend. We absolutely loved getting out into the garden and starting work on the new Beginnings of a Chicken Rrunchicken run.  I had conned him into letting us get ten new chicks.  The conversation went something like, “Please,pleeeeeeaaaaase,  they are single-comb leghorns.  Think of how many Foghorn Leghorn jokes you’ll be able to make!  And they’ll be fluffy…for a while.”

So naturally I had convinced him with my lawyerly compunction (or lack thereof). He kissed me on the forehead and did that head shake thing where it isn’t quite a no and isn’t quite a yes, which basically means it is a yes.

So that we don’t lose the flock again, we’re building a larger run for our little newcomers.  To be clear, Mr. Grassroofs is building it.

I was inside for part of the weekend, rendering beef tallow.  We found out during our Whole 30 that this is what Buffalo Wild Wings.  I also found out that the tallow can be used in soaps and candles.  Thanks to The Happy Money Saver for all the advice.

The story starts with me asking, somewhat sheepishly, the butcher at Whole Foods if they had any beef fat.  They gave me this little packet FOR FREE.  Wasn’t that sweet- this delicious looking little pound of beef fat.


I set to work slicing off the last little bits of meat.  The dogs were pleased.

I cut the remaining fat in to tiny chunks.


I put everything in my cast iron skillet and turned it on low heat.


I covered it with a lid.  These homesteaders don’t actually have a cast irn lid, so I used the glass lid for our wok.  I’ll be interested to see the difference between the outcome when we finally get that lid.


After about 30 minutes it looked like this.  I began to worry because this is different than the pictures from The Happy Money Saver tutorial.  But I decided to stick it out- I’m trying to grow as a person.


After about an hour, I could see a noticeable puddle of standing fat.  Is your mouth watering yet?


And about 90 minutes into the whole thing, I thought we were done.


I sent the whole lot throw a cheese-cloth-covered colander.  The crispy parts that get caught on the top make really excellent dog treatsies.  Fitz practically learned to roll over just because of these!


And you are left with beautifully pee-colored tallow.


We poured it into a mason jar and popped that little guy in the fridge for use in burgers later that week.  Our cast iron has never enjoyed a better seasoning.


Beef Tallow Collage



One thought on “Beef Tallow and Chicken Runs

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