The Huxley Diaries: Chicks and Tree Houses

Dear Diary,

Today marks another day when the humans came home with some other creature meant to distract them from me.  Ten creatures this time.  Ten! I’m about to give these humans a piece of my mind.


Actually, I think I’ll just run away.  Those humans will learn, then.  When I’m gone, they’ll see that they just can’t bring new animals into my home.20140401-224924.jpg

Mmmmmm. The sweet taste of freedom.  I think I’m going to like living up here.  Just far enough for the humans to learn their lesson, and close enough to make sure I still get food.



Wait.  Mom?  Why’d you go down?  I thought you were listening to my Runaway Monologue…

20140401-225027.jpgMom, I’m gonna follow you.  But only because I want to.  Not because you asked me to.

Okay, buddy, whatever you say.

Ma!  Mom!  Come on!  You know what, fine.  I’ll stay up here.  Take that.


Hey, bro, can you help me get down.  The humans are being just awful and I can’t ask them for help in getting down.  Bro? Bro. Broooooooooo!  Oh, phew! There you are.  Help me down.


I know I was mean to you earlier.  But come on, we’re bros. 20140401-225108.jpg



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