Is it Spring Yet?- The Mint Extract Post

Have you all grown tired of winter yet?  Mr. Grassroofs and I sure have.  We are ready to be outside, ready to fix up our home, ready to host bon fires and get eaten by mosquitoes. Well, maybe not that last one. From freak snow days to frozen pipes, this winter has been a little more than we bargained for when we moved to a beach town.

To make myself feel better, I’ve been watching shows about Alaska’s frontier’s men and women.  They have eight months of winter.  That means the other season have to happen in 4 months- all the seasons! Mad props to them, but I’ll take Spring in April if that’s alright with everybody.


Speaking of Spring.  I think it has sprung! I was able to make my first mint harvest.  I hung it here by the window to dry.  I’ll crumble it and use it in sauces or candles or soaps later on this year.

I used part of the harvest to start on some mint extract.  You can make extracts so easily yourself if you just have a little vodka lying around.  Just rinse those mint leaves off- they were growing in dirt for pete’s sake! Chop them up and cover them in vodka.  Let the concoction sit in a dark place for a couple of weeks.  Make sure that the leaves are covered so that they don’t mold.


Happy Spring, Ya’ll!



One thought on “Is it Spring Yet?- The Mint Extract Post

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