The Huxley Diaries: The New Dog

Dear Diary,

The humans seems to have done to most offensive of all the things I can imagine.  They’ve brought another dog into our home! Another Dog! In our house!  I believe they intend for the small dog to stay.  I should say that this dog isn’t so small.  But small of mind…oh, I hate him. 20140309-205339.jpg


Can you believe the humans had me sleep with him?!  On the same couch of all places.  I was asleep first and that dog got. on. my. couch!  And the boy human slept right through it. I am increasingly convinced that the boy human doesn’t care for me at all. 20140309-205353.jpg



It seems that the humans are going to call the new pack member Fitz.  They said it was short for some type of author, Fitz…Fitz..Fitzgerald.  I dunno.  They started talking about wild parties and Green Lights and paris or something.  I never know what these humans are talking about.




Although the girl human seems to like the young bear cub (she used to hold me like that :_( ), I absolutely refuse to snuggle with him.  Refuse.  I will not do it.20140309-205510.jpgOkay, maybe just this once…

20140309-205529.jpgBut I will definitely not give him any space on this blog.  Definitely not.  I can’t even.




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