No Sew Celtic Knot Headband

Mr. Grassroofs and I went to a baby shower today.  Our friends had a beautiful baby girl a few weeks ago.  We call her the  Ice Baby because she was born during the Ice Storm of 2014, which sounds sort of insulting and not at all fitting of her personality.  But really, Baby Fairley, is perfect.  Lovely and perfect.

So today I wanted to deliver the cookie butter of yesterday‘s endeavors and some baby headbands.  And I wanted to make swaddle blankets.  And I wanted to make baby shoes.  And I wanted to make cute onesies.  And I wanted to make muffins.

Yeah…so, being a little short on time, money, and skills, I set to work finding a gift that would repurpose something we already owned.  I found this great tutorial from Love Stitched. I had all the pieces.  I had the right amount of time.  And I had the chutzpah.   Well, it didn’t take much chutzpah if we’re being honest.  But who wants to be honest?!

Let’s dive in:

1. Cut a long strip of knit about 3 inches wide.  My strip was about a yard long, I think.

No Sew Headband 12. Cut the long strip in half.

3. Make this ribbon shape with one of your strips.

No Sew Headband Step 2

4. Make a U shape with the other piece and slide one end of the U under one end of the ribbon shape.

No Sew Headband Step 3

5. Slide the end of the that is currently on top under the tear drop.

No Sew Headband STep 4

6. Take the first end of the U- go over the teardrop, under the U tail, and back over the tear drop.

No sew Headband step 5

7. Pull taught. join the ends together with a casing that you simply hot glue around the ends.

No sew Headband final

8. Deliver to your friend in a disappointingly shoddy wrapper.

FElt and burlap wrapping

These are easy to make and take very little time or fabric or money.  I definitely recommend you give it a try.



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