Makeshift Heating Pad

Soooo…Mrs. Grassroofs, that’s me, was hauling dirt to her  lovely

Heating Pad Collage

new garden beds and she pulled her back pretty badly.  I suppose that is what happens when you get old.

So, I know I said I’d be doing a wedding series, but I really needed some back relief; so I took a break to make a heating pad out some lying around items.  The following tutorial is not perfection.  It isn’t even pretty.  But it is exceptionally useful!

PS- Huxley was uninterested in losing human-time for the stupid cause of a heating pad.

Step 1: Find some old, ill-designed towels you once tried to make.

Step 2: Remove the metal clasps (they’ll blow up in the microwave later- trust me).

Step 3: Cut your fabric in such a manner that you will have a long rectangle in the end.  If you are repurposing something you may have to get creative.  If you are starting from scratch, just make a pillowcase sort of shape.

Step 4: Fill with rice.

Step 5: Close that thing up.

Step 6: Heat in the microwave and enjoy the muscle relaxation that ensues.



One thought on “Makeshift Heating Pad

  1. Yes old people get bad backache. I’m not old, but I get them anyway. Good idea to make a hot pad. Another idea, only if you have disposable diapers around, is to dampen a diaper, and fold it with moist side inside. Heat in microwave to warm. Be careful not to get it to hot.

    In case of an emergence and an ice pack is needed, Go to your freezer and use that package of frozen peas. That works well also.

    Love you, Mom-C


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