The Funnymoon Series: Episode 2

We thought about issuing two posts back to back: the funnymoon interview with Mr. Grassroofs and a comparable interview with Mrs. Grassroofs. But we thought that might send a message to our people that we really didn’t enjoy the honeymoon.  That just simply isn’t the case.


We really enjoyed the huge industry of kite surfing.  Although we didn’t partake ourselves.  ImageImage

And Mr. Grassroofs tried to teach Mrs. Grassroofs some amateur photography skills.  You can tell I don’t have the same natural talent as he does.


But lots of times, we just walked on the beach.


Sometimes the beach made us angry. Image

And sometimes we were bored by the vast expanse of sand and sea.Image

We had some rich cultural experiences at an Irish Pub.Image

Mrs. Grassroofs tried her hand again. Image

And sometimes we enjoyed the country club. ImageImage

There were plenty of friendly, stray dogs around.ImageImageImage

We laughed at ineffectual stoplights.


And Mrs. Grassroofs tried yet again. ImageImage

watermark pic

But mostly, we just enjoyed the time with one another.



2 thoughts on “The Funnymoon Series: Episode 2

  1. Thanks so very much for sharing all of the Green Roofs Movements. This is a day we needed smiles and you have provided them. Looking forward for a chance to see you two. I understand how busy you are with school, house, and Huxley. Love you both. Mom-C and Granddad ddad.


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