The Funnymoon: An Interveiw with Mr. Grassroofs

whoops! This graphic got messed up.  Forgive me.

whoops! This graphic got messed up. Forgive me.

Where was the honeymoon?

Yes. Really the Dominican Republic, which oddly enough felt like we were living in a bubble.  But at least we didn’t have to spend it at JFK, which seemed like it might have happened.  I could also talk about how the first part of the honeymoon was in Raleigh.  Nothin’ like spending the first night of your honeymoon at your mom’s house.  Love you mom.

What were your expectations/ what had you envisioned for the honeymoon?

Plenty of down time with an abundance of wonderful and drinks. Lots of books.  Lots of beach.  And some experiencing of local life in the Dominican.  Which is odd- I specifically had to gear up for that.  I don’t do the all-inclusive thing; I normally want to go to eat where the locals live.  But everyone was like “No, the all inclusive is the way to go.”  Little did I know….

Give a list of adjectives that describe you/ your feelings over the course of the honeymoon.

Excited, anxious, eager, confident, realistic, relaxed, anxious, perturbed, anxious, cramped, exhausted, shocked, scared, anxious, relieved, anxious, relieved, mildly frustrated, frustrated, relieved, excited, and then it was waking up on the first day in the Dominican.

Tell us one story that you’ll pass on to posterity.

Good Lord. How foreign it was for Spanish to be the common language.  English wasn’t very common to hear.  So I will probably talk about how it was nice to be reminded that English isn’t the expectation or how disparate the socioeconomic distribution of the population. It was surprising that there was no middle class.

But an actual story…

We wanted to go to this really nice restaurant, Bliss, which was awesome by the way.   We wanted to be the tourists who did everything the right way.  So they said get a cab, and we did.  Asked the taxi driver, “hey can we go here.” He said sure…And then we were in the cab for 48 seconds.  18 of which consisted of my sitting in the cab counting the correct change.

On a scale from 1 to “filing for divorce” how would you rate they honeymoon?

That seems backwards.  (No, 1 is the best.  Argument ensues).  All things considered, a 4. Ah Ah. A 2.  Got that backwards.  It was a little chilly and there was one too many large foreigners in small Speedos.

Did you learn anything?

I learned all kinds of things. The rest of the world is still madly in love with singing along to Whitney Huston, regardless of time or place.  It takes a massive amount of tiny cups of Pina Colada to even pretend to be drinking. Most importantly, what really makes the trip is whom you’re with

Pictures to come!


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