The Huxley Diaries: can’t smell the ground

Huxley Diaries1

Dear Diary,

About two days ago a strange thing happened.  The ground changed colors; in fact, it became all one color.    I couldn’t walk on it for slipping all around, making it awfully difficult to…you know.  But the weirdest part of the whole situation was that I couldn’t smell the ground!  Couldn’t Smell It!!  I fear that the ground may never return and I wonder about what that means for me and my life.  Where will I dig?  What will I roll on?  How will I ensure my butt smells just right for Tonks, the love of my life?


The humans seem to think the new ground is great- like they enjoy slip sliding around on a monochrome meadow.  I may never understand my humans.  But I do love them so, and the scentless ground seems to be related to their many days at home so I suppose I won’t complain too much.  And the girl human has been very generous with the cheese these past few days.

Until next time, Diary,

Hux Delux



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