Raise your beds!

There is nothing quite like ringing in the new year with a truck full of lumber! I went to Home Depot to pick up this lumber, and I must say that the employees there were altogether more helpful and respectful than the employees I’ve encountered at Lowe’s.


I was really proud of myself for using a circular saw to cut these pieces of wood down to size. Don’t tell Mr. Grassroofs, but the measurements are imprecise at best.

He dug all the posts while I cat called him. hey!! Nice hoodie. I like those stripes. Those are some French ass stripes. It is safe to say, this definitely sped the process along.



20140103-195432.jpg Eventually, we added side planks and thanked the gods we weren’t doing side planks with our bodies. Now we have a beautiful set of raised beds. They are tiered, so I can use the tall beds for root vegetables. (This year my carrots were lovely, but they were only suitable for dolls)

So with that, what recommendations do you have for growing root veggies? Lay it on us!


3 thoughts on “Raise your beds!

  1. I’ve recently discovered that creamed parsnips can be delicious, although it takes an absurd amount of time to grow them. Sadly, the squirrels destroyed my raised winter garden for their acorn stash, so I can’t report on how well they do 😦


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