The Huxley Diaries: can’t smell the ground

Huxley Diaries1

Dear Diary,

About two days ago a strange thing happened.  The ground changed colors; in fact, it became all one color.    I couldn’t walk on it for slipping all around, making it awfully difficult to…you know.  But the weirdest part of the whole situation was that I couldn’t smell the ground!  Couldn’t Smell It!!  I fear that the ground may never return and I wonder about what that means for me and my life.  Where will I dig?  What will I roll on?  How will I ensure my butt smells just right for Tonks, the love of my life?


The humans seem to think the new ground is great- like they enjoy slip sliding around on a monochrome meadow.  I may never understand my humans.  But I do love them so, and the scentless ground seems to be related to their many days at home so I suppose I won’t complain too much.  And the girl human has been very generous with the cheese these past few days.

Until next time, Diary,

Hux Delux



Snowed Into Soups

It snowed here on Tuesday. Snowed!  At the beach!  Can I just say, I didn’t really come to this little beach town to hone my sledding skills…didn’t.

But Mr. Grassroofs and I decided to settle in and do some serious cold-weather bonding.  Here are some of the things cold-weather bond entail:

  1. Build a mirror box for the pipes in hopes that they won’t freeze for the third time in a month.
  2. Bring inside the desk previous put outside and used a workbench.
  3. Make aaaalllll the soups!!

We’ve settled in for a long winter’s night and I set out to try three, new, perfect, survive-the-worst-storm-of-the-century soups. The first of these three brilliant recipes was a paleo chili. It was perfection!!

The recipe came from Channing at Living Lobpries.  I followed the recipe just as she wrote it and the results were fantastic.  Mr. Grassroofs may or may not have said “This is literally the best chili I’ve ever had.”  We had it for dinner and breakfast the next day.  Breakfast chili is perfect on a snow day.

The second recipe came from Gutsy by Nature and was a Spiced Apple and Butternut Squash.  It tasted exactly like fall.  Exactly. Like. Fall. Mr. Grassroofs didn’t like that one too much.

But the last one was the best because I took pictures! I’m trying to get better at capturing the parts of our blog before just posting finished products.  Did you know that food blogging is a real thing?!  I could probably get good at this…

This recipe for tomato soup came from Good Girl Gone Green.  This recipe is Whole 30 compliant, Paleo friendly, and just downright delicious!

We made it last night with our friend Kelsie and Neal- after a marathon beach sledding adventure, I might add!  I was concerned about how the recipe asked for 3 bulbs of garlic.  I didn’t want to overpower anyone; after all, I was cooking friends and my whole reputation was riding on this meal.  The soup was really bland with my revision.  My bad.

I made it again tonight, following the directions more exactly.  Turns out Good Girl was right about those measurements.  I was silly to doubt.  Tonight’s soup was delicious and rich with flavors.  We didn’t blend it up into a smooth, creamy mixture because our blender is a hassle, but I sort of wish we had.  It tasted lovely either way.

DSC_0716DSC_0706 DSC_0732 DSC_0741 DSC_0752DSC_0750

We got to try out our new mezzaluna and I even arranged the cheese cleverly on a plate.  Most importantly, Huxley got in on the action- he’s learning to tour jette, that French speaking puppy.

After this, Mr. Grassroofs and I watched The Life of Pi, which was simply beautiful.

20140131-001627.jpgsnowed into soups

Raise your beds!

There is nothing quite like ringing in the new year with a truck full of lumber! I went to Home Depot to pick up this lumber, and I must say that the employees there were altogether more helpful and respectful than the employees I’ve encountered at Lowe’s.


I was really proud of myself for using a circular saw to cut these pieces of wood down to size. Don’t tell Mr. Grassroofs, but the measurements are imprecise at best.

He dug all the posts while I cat called him. hey!! Nice hoodie. I like those stripes. Those are some French ass stripes. It is safe to say, this definitely sped the process along.



20140103-195432.jpg Eventually, we added side planks and thanked the gods we weren’t doing side planks with our bodies. Now we have a beautiful set of raised beds. They are tiered, so I can use the tall beds for root vegetables. (This year my carrots were lovely, but they were only suitable for dolls)

So with that, what recommendations do you have for growing root veggies? Lay it on us!

Wedding kitchen

Well,  we did it!  Mr. Grassroofs and I recently tied the knot.  We had a wonderful party with 100 of our closest friends.  I don’t know how anybody has a bad time at their wedding- people were showering us with compliments and were perfectly content to do our bidding.  It was great.  The food was fantastic and the company was lovely.  Mr. Grassroofs did a fantastic job with the music.  We are eager to share some pictures with you when I get them back from our generous and wise photographer.

After things wound down with the nuptuals, we were able to put our wedding gifts right to use.  We registered at IKEA for a new kitchen.  Awesomeness ensued.


Charles’ cousin Jake came over and was very effective at the demolition portion of the project.  We wondered if Jake had some previous experience demolishing things.


We were glad to see the old, dated linoleum headed out.  Although, I am a little sad that I don’t have a dress with a pattern like that.


Another great friend of ours came by to help out.  Tim is a machine and has helped us out with more than a few of the jobs that make our house livable.



Look at those wooden counter tops! Aren’t they classy.  We do worry that the 80’s will call and want the countertops back, but we think we make a good case for trendy rather than retro.


Mr. Grassfroofs and our pal, Neal, looked very studious while they installed the doors and the interior components of the cabinets. There were some serious thoughts to be thunk about screws and slots and other things that sound inappropriate out of context.


Look how great these look! Fashionable and completely difficult to access (we installed drawer pulls the next day).  And, if you’ll take a minute to notice, my very important contribution- I put the leftovers on the new counter and even reheated some of them!  Way to go boys, but I don’t think you could have done it without me.