Words with friends

Let’s play scrabble on this outdoor scrabble board I made Charles for his birthday!



Honey do list


Operation “get a bed”, commence!


20120324-164435.jpg. Can you believe that this queen mattress came to us folded up and shrink wrapped in such a way that it could fit in this box?!

Recent Developments

So, I think it is clear at this point that Charles’ and my ability to maintain this blog would yield from some phrases like, “the Best laid plans of mice and men.” or, “it’s the thought that counts.” or, “maybe if you made a list…”

All these things are probably true, but the point is that here is an update including several pictures of recent projects.
– we made those curtains from scratch
– we restored and recovered this old beach chair (purchased from the habitat for humanity restore)
– and with the help Stepgrandpa Ken, were able to install this epic ceiling fan.





Didn’t Picasso do this sort of thing?

I was recently having dinner with a few friends and we ended up talking about the house. This is the drawing I created and I’m quite certain it’ll be worth millions, once we get the house ready for HGTV that is.