Restore Extraordinare

This weekend we moved our front door from the bathroom to the front of the house:



It required a little sledgehammering and creating of support beams. But overall, I’d say it’s rather nice not walking through the bathroom to get into the house.

The boys also took out an island that was in the middle of our “master suite”. The island had a great personality. But our relationship just wasn’t working out. It wasn’t the island, it was us. (we’re glad it’s gone…)


2 thoughts on “Restore Extraordinare

  1. WOW! I see Popi’s genes in you. This reminds me of the beach houses we rented and stayed in when I was a child. It reminds me of the house on Sullivan’s Island that took a lot of work by Popi. It reminds me of the two room and a bath house that Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Caroline bought in the mountains. All took a lot of work, but really payed off in the end. I learned to do many things helping with these houses. I know you are just getting started, but there will be great satisfaction in every job you get completed. It will not happen overnight, but look how much you have done so far. It is wonderful to have Megan as your right hand supporter, worker, and cheerleader. Love you, Mom-C


  2. Wow!!!! Can’t wait to see what the work of the last 48 hours brings forth and to hear of the new ideas and plan for what is next! Hope you guys get to rest this week when you go back to work!


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