What’s my name again?

If naming your child is half as hard as naming your blog, there’s no way we’re doing that for YEARS (maybe decades).  How on earth are two people to encompass the content of their blog, something catchy, easy to spell, easy to remember, and their personalities in three words?!  As we thought, we compiled a list of words we might frequently use in this blog.  Our brains looked a little like this:

So naturally, the titles we came up with were a little garbled.

Then we tried to use blog title generators.  Below you’ll links to said generators and some of their best suggestions.  Enjoy:

Black Moments

Parched Dreams


Bushy Home

Blue Dreams

Jagged Confessions

DramaKing’s Ramblings

Textual News

SMS Updates

Bodacious Mission

Quiet Diary

Needless to say, these titles didn’t really…suit us.  So, we decided to go the old fashioned route- let our friends do all the work.  We quickly found that the combined intellect of our friends was much higher than our own, and definitely higher than that of the title generators. Featured here are the “best of”:

Out of Our Leagues Under the Sea

Roots on the Roof

Fish You Were Here

So Help Me Sod

Little House on the Sand Dunes

Sod of a Beach

Perusing the Pattons

WE think this proves, beyond any doubt, that our friends are clever.  But special thanks must to go to me dear friend ANGELA for providing the government name of this blog “Grassroofs Movement”.  Does that make her the godmother of this website?  Maybe we should have asked for her blessing…


One thought on “What’s my name again?

  1. What an adventure! Bringing along friends from the very beginning. That is just like both of you! Good news in having gone through these possible titles is that when you get totally frustrated, you can fall back to Sod of a Beach! and when an endeavor gets overwhelming, you have Out of Our leagues under the Sea. My best guess – with the combined cleverness of you and your friends, there will be more . . . .


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